max e Powering the future of mobility in Africa

Why MAXe?

MAX is powering Africa’s forward movement by accelerating zero-carbon transition and promoting a greener, resilient and inclusive future for Africa. Through strategic partnerships with investors, energy partners and regulators, we are providing under-served communities in Africa with access to cheaper, cost-effective, clean-energy solutions for mobility using our innovation in electric vehicles (EVs).

Our Impact

Economic Growth

Economic Growth

We are advancing financial inclusion and reducing inequality by creating jobs, increasing income and providing access to social support services.

climate action

Climate Action

Our sustainable mobility platform reduces carbon emissions and democratizes access to clean-energy transportation in the developing world.

good health

Good Health

We are reducing CO2 emissions and noise pollution and improving quality of life in rural and urban Africa


Sustainable Cities & Communities

Our electric vehicles and battery swapping stations provide access to cost-effective and high-quality mobility services on-demand


Gender Equality

Our platform provides women and girls access to safe and affordable transportation

clean Energy

Clean Energy

We utilize excess power from sustainable energy sources in solving transportation and logistics problems



In partnership with credible global partners, investors, DFIs and local governments, we are creating a happier and more sustainable world

Man on a bike

Electric Vehicles

Our electric vehicles are designed for Africa and covers passenger carrier bikes, goods deliveries & tricycles
Man on a bike

Electric Vehicles

Our electric vehicles are designed for Africa and covers passenger carrier bikes, goods deliveries & tricycles
Man on a bike

Charging Infrastructure

Due to the huge energy demand of Africa, MAX is committed to building charging infrastructure to support growth and accessibility
Man on a bike

Battery swapping stations

Our Battery charging stations are built to ensure champions have the fast and easy access that doesn't disrupt their daily operations
charge 1 - 4 hours charge time
tracking IoT tracking and surveillance
meter 120 - 160km per charge
screw Low Cost Maintenance
charge Charge and Battery Swap Station
water Water resistant Engine
charge First clean-energy transportation technology in Africa
tracking First vehicle retrofitted from an internal combustion engine to an all-electric engine
meter First commercialized electric vehicle for rural and peri-urban Africa
screw First to harness energy demand uptake for mobility in Africa
charge First rugged rural-terrained EV in the world

Where we operate

Map of Africa

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We work with energy partners on clean, excess power utilization and distribution

Cities & Communities

We provide rural and urban communities with access to power, reduced transportation costs, efficient logistics delivery and a safer environment

Mini-grid developers

Investment opportunities and technical partnerships for rural electrification and sustainable energy projects

Regulators & Government

We create global opportunities for economic and social impact
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Our strategic partners