MAX is advocating for behavioural change in our society. Actively bringing relief and support to our target communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world severely. At MAX, we adopted a systemic approach as a social enterprise and mobility company to minimize the negative impact on our employees, drivers, customers and community.


We provided targeted interventions to law enforcement officials, local residents and transport industry workers by providing hygiene products. facemasks and food to over 5,000 beneficiaries in Akure, Ibadan and Lagos.

community impact

Driving strict

We implemented strict hygiene protocols across all our city offices to ensure essential services staff and drivers are adequately protected. We also provided PPE equipment to our drivers and frontline team to ensure they are never unduly exposed while carrying out essential services.

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Communication &
information access

We created a comprehensive information portal on COVID-19 and
made it accessible to our customers, employees and drivers via our
mobile platform. We trained our drivers on safe hygiene practices
and incentivized them to adopt new behaviours that minimize
the risk of infection.

SME delivery

We ramped up our delivery service platform and provided up to 50% discounts to support small businesses during the lockdown.

delivery champion

Customer delivery,
digital wallet &

We upgraded our mobile app and added new features to allow users place requests for messenger and delivery services without stepping out of their homes. We also activated a digital wallet and electronic payment features on our mobile and web platforms to eliminate the need for cash while transacting on our platform.

delivery app

Enabling small

We launched a digital storefront that enables SMEs, grocery stores and micro-entrepreneurs to access integrated ordering and delivery services on the MAX platform.

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Health and safety tips

We are advocating that all our dear customers follow directives from public health authorities and law enforcement. Follow all guidelines set by authorities if you are sick, and don’t go out if you really don’t have to. For more information, visit the World Health Organization website.

More Information

MAX customers

max customers - stay home

Stay home and help flatten the curve

  • Stay home and if necessary work from home, this will
    significantly reduce transmission and help flatten the
    curve, the pandemic has negatively impacted lives as we
    know it and it is time for we all to take responsibility and
    act accordingly as advised by our Health professionals.
  • Always wear a nose mask whenever you have to come
    outside, maintain 6 metres from the next person and
    continue to constantly wash your hands or use of
    alcohol-based hand sanitizer.
  • All our employees have been mandated to work from
    work and empowered with all the tools needed to be
    productive and comfortable working from home.
  • Let's keep each other safe and stay at home,
    remember to contact the NCDC toll-free hotline on
    080097000010 if you feel sick.
max customers - keeping you safe

Our way of keeping you safe

  • Customers are encouraged to go cashless and
    switch to in-app payment to avoid cash
  • Customers are required to wear a face mask
    when riding or receiving items. Check out best
    practises for the use of nose mask by NCDC.
  • Customers are encouraged to wash or sanitise
    hands before and after riding or receiving an item.
  • Customers are provided with disposable hairnet
    before going on a trip.
  • More drivers have been deployed to provide
    delivery services to encourage people to stay

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