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Meet Ishaku Ishaya

I joined MAX early May 2018.
Before I joined MAX, I was a Keke (tuktuk) driver for four years. Being a tuktuk driver was fun when I started, but after a while it became stressful because of the park conditions.
Then I saw a MAX flier which promised a different experience for drivers. I signed up and took the test. Then I went for the driving course and was taught how to serve customers. Since joining MAX, I have gained respect in my community. The experience is something you cannot get anywhere else. I earn good money and people smile at me because I’m a MAX champion.

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Why you should be a Champion

MAX - Earn Extra Cash

Own Your Motorcycle

You can get a motorcycle and pay instalmentally

MAX - Job

No More Drama

You never have to deal with roadside bullies or ticketing touts.

MAX - Convenient

Make More Money

The more you ride the more you make! No worries about getting passengers. We do that!

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Equipment & Documentation

MAX Champions are professional, customer-focused dispatch Riders who know their way around Lagos City.
Joining the MAX Network as a champion is easy, follow the steps below to get started.

Step 1

Take the MAX Champion test

Step 2

Come in for an interview

Step 3

Start Earning